Why Whee? Get To Know Our Founder

“Whee was founded to ensure that all of the world could experience a small taste of the beautiful community of Cullowhee, North Carolina. My love for Cullowhee and its immense beauty is more than any quote could ever justify. Being surrounded by such scenery easily sculpts an unquotable lifestyle.”
-CEO and Founder Dillon R. Anderson

Our founder and acting Chief Executive Officer, Dillon Anderson was introduced to the beautiful Western North Carolina mountains as an infant and has been an advocate of the region ever since. Dillon was born in the beautiful town of Sylva, North Carolina, and then relocated to Robbinsville, North Carolina, where his family has resided for generations.

Throughout his younger years of life, Dillon found fascination in the Blue Ridge Mountains that he now calls his forever home. At a very young age, his father introduced him to the mountainous lifestyle that would, later on, sculpt Whee. Becoming an avid enthusiast of the great outdoors at such a young age, Dillon spent most of his time learning how to appreciate nature even more through hiking, backpacking, whitewater rafting, fishing, and hunting.

In addition to managing Whee to an executive extent, Dillon is currently pursuing his Masters Degree in Innovation Leadership and Entrepreneurship at Western Carolina University. Through the immense knowledge he gained while pursuing his Bachelors Degree in Entrepreneurship at Western Carolina University, Dillon felt an obligation to return to his alma mater to further his education at a graduate level. Dillon firmly believes the knowledge he will gain throughout this specific graduate program will allow him to become an even better advocate for Cullowhee and the Western North Carolina region.

As a dedicated native to the Western North Carolina region that currently resides in the Cullowhee area, Dillon will ensure the mountains he cherishes significantly will always have an advocate. He firmly believes by pursuing a mission positively correlated with the beauty and benefits of exploring the region will induce valued growth for the Cullowhee community and the Western North Carolina region.



  • Towns Lenihan

    It is absolutely fascinating how Dillon has been able to apply years of personal, observed experience with the mountainous environment in a way that provides him with an unquantifiable advantage of inspiration and ideas. As a satisfied customer of this amazing brand, I look forward to seeing how it scales and innovates its art in the future.

  • Greg Williams

    I have to say that i love the outline of this site as it gives a sense of calmness and serenity. I learned a great deal about Dillon as i was given a nice chronological journey from childhood to modern day. As someone who rarely climbs mountains, i can envision myself visiting the Blue Ridge mountains. I would love to know the stances that Dillon will undertake as he advocates for the area. Will Dillon incorporate an outreach program to shore up public support and what about involving local legislators? I look forward to more blog posts and learning about Dillon’s journey into preserving the surrounding land.

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