California and the Western Carolinian Calling

As some of you may know, Whee has been very fortunate to work with some celebrities across the nation already. More recently, my team has been working tirelessly for the Dr. Squatch Soap Company icon, Mr. James Schrader! Yes, the golden haired soap angel from all the commercials. Mr. Schrader chose to collaborate with Whee as he found useful meaning in Whee's mission, social media content, and current endeavors. He is a fan of our work just as much as we are his!

"I love the shirts!" -The Golden Haired Soap Angel, James Schrader

Mr. Schrader will be utilizing his Whee-Shirts to increase website traffic and profit for his endeavors related to the comedy and commercial writing industry. It has been such a pleasure working with Mr. Schrader. Within the coming weeks, Whee will be sending Mr. Schrader a bulk order composed of 255 shirts all the way to San Diego, California. Our company was very fortunate to catch the interest of such a wonderful and inspiring human who loves the outdoors just as much as we do! 


  • Zach R


    How cool! Sounds like an amazing opportunity for you and your company. Just goes to show that you have a strong message and provide some quality, attention grabbing content. Keep up the great work. I look forward to following the developments of this partnership as well as your company.

  • Andreius Harding

    This was an amazing and inspiring post! I enjoy reading success stories such as yours. One of the best things for entrepreneurs to do is collaborate with other entrepreneurs that have products that compliment each other, and I have to say you two have found that. I wish you all the success and good luck, thank you for sharing this.


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