Western North Carolina's Niagara Falls

Would you believe us if whee told you that Western North Carolina is home to a waterfall taller than Niagara? Seems crazy, right? It is simply BIZARRE because it is true! Yes, the tallest waterfall east of The Rockies is located right here in beautiful Western North Carolina.

Whitewater Falls is a series of beautiful, breathtaking waterfalls that exceeds Niagara Falls' length by a lot more than one would think. This local waterfall located within the Jocassee Gorge plummets 811' and is so large that it expands over the Carolinian Border. Western North Carolina's Niagara Falls can easily be found 15 miles from Jackson County, NC's Sapphire Valley. 

For a stunning view of Whitewater Falls, follow the parking lot's paved walkway to the upper overlook area. For an even better view, a lower overlook is available for more energetic hikers just steps away. Even though Whitewater Falls is easily accessible for most adventurers, this hike can be a slippery one on wet days! Whee highly recommend utilizing the pathways provided!

Happy Hiking!

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