The Boat of Western North Carolina

Many avid boaters worldwide trust one specific brand to get them down a river or across a lake successfully. That brand could be Jackson, Pyranha, Dagger, Old Town, or Perception. These are the trusted boats of Western North Carolina. Plain and simple!

What if we told you the "best boat" is composed of an individual's emotional trust rather than the boat's actual durability and comfort? Boaters trust a specific boat because they were exposed to a particular brand of boat through a well-experienced instructor at one time throughout the early stages. It is natural for rookie boaters to idolize and find comfort within one specific boat brand through their early practices and never change brands once taught.

It is as simple as this: The new boater does not trust the brand of the boat but the individual who taught the new boater. This provides a sense of emotional comfort and trust for that brand this boater now uses, as it was probably the same brand of a boat that their instructor initially taught them.

It is likely that none of us initially researched the "trustworthy" brand we all stand by that we have been using for years. Rookies invest in the comfort of instruction, not the physical boat. If a rookie genuinely trusts their instructor, the rookie will buy the brand their instructor taught them on as it is mentally comforting rather than physically comforting.

Boating is all about mental comfort, not physical comfort.

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