Let's Talk Spring Flies

As avid trout fishers, whee know that every fisherman is the best fisherman. If you are simply unaware of this factual statement, then this blog will certainly introduce you to the ways of The Avid Fly-Fishermen.  With open season inching towards opening, whee would like to provide you all with some fly recommendations that will benefit you and your exaggerated fishing tales.


Throughout the colder side of open season, fly-fishers should certainly give brighter and lighter colored flies a try. Throughout the months of March, April, and May it is common to see the abundant hatchings of Stone-Flies, May-Flies, and Caddis. With this in mind, it is imperative to match your fly's color and size with what is actually hatching prior to tossing on your waders. Whee have found that fishing with a Lighter Yellow May-Fly and an alternating Elk Haired Light Brown Caddis-Fly are universal and dominant options for opening day. Remembering these colors and two types of flies should alleviate switching out your live-fly to a repetitive extent on opening day.  


What is your go to fly on opening day?

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