ENT 610 | Radio Advertisement Analyses

Objectives, Specific Target Market, The Why, and Value Proposition 

All radio advertisements analyzed below can be found at radiocentre.org 


Kit Kat – Tennis Match

Kit Kat demonstrates an innovative approach to a classical advertisement by utilizing an innovative approach. The setting of this specific radio advertisement is at a tennis match. I was quite perplexed initially as this advertisement demonstrated a very challenging and physically strenuous tennis match. The tennis players are consistently battling it out. Then the tennis players slowly morph into various animals. This was demonstrated through the stereotypical “tennis-grunting” throughout the advertisement. After the non-stop tennis battle between humans and what seemed to be various zoo animals, the umpire interrupts that match after saying “Alright! Take a break!” After this, the loud crunch of a Kit Kat bar takes place, and the advertisement concludes.

The objectives of this campaign were to simply increase the company’s brand awareness to a general extent but in an innovative way. 

The target market for this specific campaign is Tennis Players. I imagine that this advertisement was aired during or before a popular and well-known tennis match.

Kit Kat was simply looking to promote that no matter how challenging, hectic, or busy a tennis match may seem, there is always time for anybody to kick back, relax, and enjoy a delicious Kit Kat bar no matter the event or setting.

This specific advertisement’s value proposition offers relaxation and consistent contentment as their product is consumed.

Honda – The Power of Dreams 

Throughout this specific advertisement, what is portrayed as an executive of Honda’s leadership team, generally promotes the company’s research and development. The speaker successfully portrays the importance of the company’s implemented innovative leadership. Furthermore, the speaker implies that Honda’s unsupervised research and development team is operated as an entity in a way that promotes the trial-and-error phase of innovation success. Also, the speaker portrays that leadership is imperative within a company, but implemented innovation is equally important. The advertisement is concluded by the speaker saying, “Do you believe in the power of dreams?”

The objectives of this campaign were to promote the company’s open-mindedness and innovative operations in a way that portrays the newest and best cars on the market.

The target market for this specific advertisement consists of businesspersons and company executives.

Honda was effective in promoting a personal connection with individuals within the business world. Honda is transparently promoting their organizational culture in a way that may alleviate any stereotypical perceptions regarding its product and company.

The value proposition that this advertisement portrays is entrepreneurial gold. This advertisement promotes the importance of innovation regarding their company and products.

Shell – Make Your Car Sing 

This advertisement begins with the engine sound of a fast modern sports car then slowly transitions into a beautiful classical song that sounds similar to an opera. The advertisement concludes with a gentleman majestically saying, “Shell. Make your car sing.” 

The objective of this advertisement is to promote the company’s product as a service that permits long-lasting car engines.

The target market is quite simple. Shell is targeting solely car owners of any demographic.

Shell was certainly strategic in constructing and promoting this advertisement in a way that will increase their sales as it connects with a monopolized target market.

The value proposition provides customers with a belief that their cars will run better and longer if you buy Shell’s gas.

Tesco – Every Little Helps

This British grocery store chain is certainly skilled in terms of advertisement. This specific advertisement begins with a potential customer on the phone with a member of Tesco’s customer service team. The conversation between the two consists solely of the store’s hours of operations throughout Christmas and other various days of the year. The Tesco customer service transparently promotes the grocery store’s 24/7 operational hours alleviating the potential customer’s worries regarding successfully finding groceries at any time.

The objective is to increase annual sales by utilizing a holiday to promote the store’s convenience and operational hours in a way that will bring in customers even after the holidays.

The target market consists of last-minute grocery shoppers throughout the holidays. 

Customers can benefit from Tesco’s operational hours, customer service, and last-minute grocery shopping convenience.

The value proposition consists of limitless grocery shopping at customers’ convenience. 

Netflix- Militants 

Within this advertisement, a soldier and his lieutenant are having a conversation within a militant helicopter regarding Netflix’s numerous and various shows and movies. The young soldier is amazed by all of the shows and movies Netflix offers. The lieutenant comforts the young militant even more by informing him of the monthly subscription that is available for six British pounds.

The objective is to sell Netflix’s monthly subscription and promote the various options available to users.

The target market is composed of military movie enthusiasts.

Customers benefit by having access to hundreds of various movies and shows at a low cost.

The value proposition consists of receiving one month of Netflix for free.


  • Carla Copes

    Hi Dillon,
    I enjoyed reading your reviews and particularly the Honda -Dreams ad. The ad teaches a great lesson about leadership & innovation. It is unique to see the concept being used to sell, but perfect for a car ad.

  • Adam West


    Great selection of ads. Your analysis of the ads is clear and concise. I think the Kit Kat ad was amusing and effective in promoting the candy as something anyone can enjoy (human or animal). I didn’t have the same reaction to the Honda one as you did – I found it kind of bland. The Shell and Netflix ones were clear in what they were selling. Good job!

    I also appreciate you sharing this website, as it is another valuable resource!



    Hi Dillon,

    Firstly, great choices for these ads. They were all vastly different, but your summaries were on-target for what the marketing teams were aiming to accomplish. I really enjoy the Netflix ads the most and feel like this one is no exception. Their marketing team seems very aware of the diversity of their target markets and while they create broad ads, they also tend to create some niche ones as well that are amazingly effective. I also think the Honda ad was remarkably interesting in how they were able to combat the stereotypes about the leadership and culture of the company. Great summaries and I liked the format.



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