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Whee – Explore More – The Cullowhee Brand is Here

This outdoor advertisement is one of my personal favorites as it is a previous billboard advertisement for my company, Whee. This specific billboard was live in the town of Sylva, NC for four months in the early stages of my company. Our billboard advertisement portrayed an Instagram post with our slogan, Instagram username, our website, and the gorgeous Whiteside Mountain! The reason I decided to take this route was simply because our main form of advertisement takes place on Instagram where local attractions, company news, and upcoming sales are heavily promoted.

The main objectives of this campaign were to generate larger website traffic rates, increase brand awareness, and to also increase our social media presence within the Cullowhee/Sylva Area.

Our target market was Instagram users in the Cullowhee/Sylva Area.

The actions of this billboard requested the initial discovery of my brand/company within our local market.

The value proposition provides a sense of modern lifestyle in a way that still sustains the "old-timey" and very notable Western Carolinian lifestyle.



  • Mary Kate McQuade

    Hey Dillon,

    I remember seeing the “Whee” billboard in Sylva! I hope it increased your exposure, especially to the older popultion of Sylva. Have you tried asking any of the stores downtown to carry your products? Just curious.
    That is so awesome that you have already created a brand for yourself. Keep up the good work! I am pretty sure I follow your Instagram because it popped up as a recommended page. Hope to hear back soon.

    Mary Kate

  • Korian

    I live the officialwhee ad. It does a great job of using a beautiful landscape to get their message across. Additionally, it ties in with the company and what their value proposition is. I think this type of marketing will attract this companies target market and increase sales.

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