ENT 610 | Magazine Advertisement Analyses

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Ecovia – Stop the Violence

The company Ecovia takes a very interesting approach to print ads. The company is spreading texting-and-driving and drunk driving awareness. This specific ad shows two men with vehicles painted on their faces getting punched in the face by a fist with a painted car on it.

The objective of the campaign is to spread awareness about the dangers of not driving carefully.

The target market is composed of young and old men who are dangerous texters and drinkers.

The action requested pertains to ending violent behaviors behind the wheel of a vehicle.

The value proposition entails punishable behavior to a physical extent for individuals who refuse to drive safely.

Pedigree – A Dog Makes Your Life Happier. Adopt

Pedigree is utilizing an emotional approach through this specific print ad. This ad shows two separate men of very different ages who appear lonely. The ad simply uses the same lonely pictures for the second half of the advertisement but photoshops a dog into separate pictures. This strategy allows the separate pictures to appear more comforting rather than lonely. The “updated pictures” but include the words “A dog makes your life happier. Adopt.”

The objective is to increase sales by utilizing human emotion and adopting canines.

The target market is single men of any age.

The action requested is for customers to buy their product as it provides an emotional connection. This provides a sense of comfort which positively increases a brand and easily establishes a connection with clientele. This ad ultimately portrays sincere emotion in a way that will allow existing customers to adopt a canine. Associating a brand with intimate emotion is genuine brand awareness.

The value proposition consists of the alleviation of loneliness for single men. If consumers decide to adopt a canine after seeing this ad, consumers will associate pedigree with their pet’s food.

Volkswagen – Precision Parking

This ad portrays a porcupine parallel parked in between three bagged goldfishes. This certainly seems minimal. However, this ad portrays a powerful message regarding Volkswagen’s Park Assist feature.

The objective of this ad is to promote Volkswagen’s new Park Assist feature.

The target market is composed of individuals looking to be a modern vehicle.

The actions requested consist of purchasing a Volkswagen for the new Park Assist feature.

The value proposition is customers will be able to park safely, easily, and conveniently after purchasing the latest Volkswagen.

Pepsi – We Wish You a Scary Halloween! 

This ad takes place in a mountainous setting and has an unopened Pepsi can wearing a festive Coca-Cola superhero cape.

The objective of this ad is to humorously convert Coca-Cola’s fanbase into Pepsi fanatics by using an approach that is derogative to Coca-Cola.

The target market is Coca-Cola users who find happiness in Halloween festivities.

The actions of this ad suggest that Coca-Cola consumers should stop consuming Coca-Cola and start consuming Pepsi.

The value proposition is drinking Pepsi is more fun and better than drinking Coca-Cola

McDonald’s – Free Wi-Fi

This ad simply contains the universal Wi-FI symbol composed of French Fries stamped on a plain red background.

The objective of this ad is to bring customers inside their restaurant by offering free Wi-Fi at all of their locations.

The target market is composed of individuals who are reliant on Wi-Fi who may not have convenient access to personal Wi-Fi.

The actions of this ad request consumers to conveniently utilize Mcdonald’s for their all-around convenience whether it be dining or any internet-related purposes.

The value proposition offers reliance and convenience for anybody relatively close to a Mcdonald’s establishment.



    Hi Dillon,

    These are excellent choices and represent a very diverse selection of advertisements. I especially found the Pedigree advert very compelling. As a former dog owner for over fifteen years, I can really relate to the ad and the emotional impact of having a pet that was much like a child to me. Ads like that tend to cause many of us to think outside of our general scope and consider perspectives in new ways. I think all of these ads were wonderful and especially enjoyed the VW ad as well. Great analysis and work!



  • Adam West


    I enjoyed reviewing the ads you selected and your analysis. The Ecovia ad provided a new perspective on the physical damage a person can take in automobile accidents by relating it to a punch in the face. The Pepsi ad was interesting – I wonder how they got around using the Coca-Cola logo in that ad. The Mcdonald’s ad promoting free wifi is simple yet very effective – a good example of how simplicity can provide a universal message. The Volkswagen ad and the Pedigree ad were memorable. Good job.


  • Korian

    I think the ads you selected are awesome ads. I really like the stop violence one the most because it uses creativity in getting their message across. This type of differentness allow for viewers to remember and act on the desired action of the ad.

  • Brittany Marshall


    The Pedigree advertisement shows what a difference perspective and the ability to see the big picture can make. Though there is only one element that makes these pictures differ, they convey completely different feelings and messages. The Volkswagen ad is very clever! As you mentioned, it is rather minimal, but the elements they did make sure to incorporate do a wonderful job of portraying VW’s message about their new park assist feature.

    Great work Dillon!

    Brittany Marshall

  • Joe Rudy


    You made some great choices in your magazine advertisements. Magazines really like to capitalize on the “picture says a thousand words” concept. All the advertisements seem to have a touch of humor in addition to the clever picture setup. Of all the advertising mediums that we have analyzed thus far, magazines really hammer down the less is more concept. Good work and great choices!


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